Are you serious about changing your career, living on luxury superyachts, and sailing to exotic destinations around the world?


Our superyacht training course will get you there!

Traveling the world on a luxury superyacht doesn't have to be a dream

Picture yourself here ?

Getting paid to sail around the world is an outstanding career path for those who are passionate about building relationships, learning in-demand skills, and carving out their own unique profession in the hospitality industry


Whether you're an experienced yachtie or visiting the ocean for the first time, you'll quickly discover that yachting offers generous rewards for hard workers and passionate professionals

  • Make friends that last a lifetime

  • Freedom to travel places most only dream of

  • Build a platform for success in hospitality

  • Save money while you work

  • Enjoy the adventure during your time off

Every great adventure has to begin somewhere

This is where our Bronze Course comes in! Whether you’ve spent years enjoying the ocean breeze or are stepping foot in the water for the first time, our comprehensive training program will teach you the foundations of a successful yachting career. You can take advantage of:

  • Exclusive access to our O.I.T.A Training portal featuring nine learning modules that will walk you through all the essential steps to join the yachting industry.

  • Comprehensive Q & A’s with industry experts through our Facebook portal

  • Learn from industry experts with over 23 years experience and Below Deck reality star, Hannah Ferrier


You are only one step away from mastering the skills you’ll need to make a powerful first impression! 






 Immerse yourself in new cultures 


Have a lifestyle that everyone desires


Visit beautiful postcard destinations


FROM 9 TO 5 B-O-R-I-N-G,

  • Exclusive Access

    Access to our exclusive O.I.T.A Method.This is Hannah’s proven method to having a successful yachting career. (value $99)

  • Industry Connections

    Unlock hundreds of industry connections with your 12 month access to an exclusive, private Facebook group. (value of $99)

  • Industry Certificate

    Take your resume out of the stack by showing you already have extensive training under your belt. You will receive a certificate signed by Hannah Ferrier herself. (value of $49)

  • Superyacht Training Portal

    12 month access to our O.I.T.A Training portal with nine learning modules that will walk you through all steps to join the yachting industry. (value of $299)

  • Personalized Assistance

    Online Facebook access for 12 months to our administrators that are experts in the industry. Answers within 72 hours to your question. (value of $149)

  • Friends Around the Globe

    Meet hundreds of other new yachties who are also entering into the incredible and thrilling superyacht world. Make friends, get advice, or meet people. Maybe you will end up on the same boat! Who knows! (free!)


 FOR JUST $249
Or 4 small payments of $69.17


Below are the nine modules that are in this course. You can also download the full course outline with the above button.

  • Module A - Types of Yachts

    Learn the difference between a boat, a yacht, and a superyacht. We will explore the differences between sailing yachts and motor yachts and the difference between private and charter.

  • Module B - Positions on Board a Superyacht

    In this module, we cover what it means to be a yachtie, the different positions on board, their responsibilities, and the required certifications.

  • Module C - Certifications Required for Yachting

    We will show you what basic requirements and certifications are needed to begin your career in yachting. We will cover the STCW-10, ENG-1, and how to create the perfect yachting CV.

  • Module D - Home Preparation For Yachting

    We will discuss the types of jobs that can help build up your skillset to prepare you for life as interior or exterior crew. 

  • Module E - How To Find A Job on a Superyacht

    Although this can seem like an overwhelming task, we will guide you through finding work. We will also cover typical salaries for positions held onboard and what determines your starting wage.

  • Module F -  How to Nail Your First Crew Interview

    We will equip you with advice on how to nail your interview and make you stand out from the crowd! We will provide you with tips ranging from the type of clothes you should wear to the questions you should ask your interviewer.

  • Module G - A Look Into The Mediterranean and Caribbean Season

    Get insight into the yachting seasons and the yachting hubs. We will explore the best times to look for work in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

  • Module H - Tips and Tricks For Keeping Your Boss & Crew Happy

    We will also take you through an average workday on a yacht so you can get an idea of what to expect when you get on board.

  • Module I - How To Prepare For A Life At Sea

    We discuss how to pack your bags for a life at sea. You will get our packing list and tips on how to live out of a suitcase. Say goodbye to walk-in closets and hello to cramped living quarters!

I joined O.I.T.A with hopes of joining the yachting industry, and they were a huge help!  All the modules perfectly explain the industry's ins and outs and teach you everything you need to know to get started. After completing the Bronze package, I received assistance from O.I.T.A in crafting my CV and gaining the certificates! If it weren’t for O.I.T.A, I never would’ve had the courage to join yachting but now I’m so glad I did!

Amy Jackson

The Bronze course teaches you what certificates you need and teaches you the street smarts to yachting. O.I.T.A allowed me to start getting prepared for a life at sea and accomplishing my dream to travel! If you have an eagerness to travel and love to meet people around the world, start this course so you can get a kick start into the yachting industry. Learn the true street smarts of yachting!

Megan Thorn


Hannah Ferrier

CEO & Founder

Hannah Ferrier is a Chief Stewardess on Superyachts, known for her role on Bravo's hit reality TV show

Below Deck Mediterranean. 

Having developed a thick skin throughout her career, Hannah can handle the most demanding guests on board. Her quick wit and Australian humor have kept American viewers enthralled year after year. After leaving school at 14, Hannah learned that hard work and determination are key to success in life. She is now ready to share what she has learned by launching Ocean International Training Academy to help aspiring yachties navigate the yachting industry. 

Anastasia Surmava

Chief Operations Officer

Anastasia left her career in medicine to sail the sapphire blue water of the Mediterranean  when she was 22 years old, and it was the best decision she ever made. She has worked in the industry as a first mate, deckhand, stewardess, and chef. With a love for the ocean, a hard work ethic, and open mindset she has been able to travel the world, meet incredible people, all while getting paid.  She is ready to help you gain the confidence you need to ditch your life on land and join the adventurous world of yachting! 

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