“Having worked my way up from deckhand to Officer I find this introduction course to be invaluable. There are a lot of things covered in this course that I wish I knew when starting out."

Wesley Walton - Officer

“I’ve worked in yachting for 20 years and hire crew every season. If green crew came into the industry armed with the information this training course provides my life would be a lot easier! Would highly recommend for anyone wanting a foot in the door in yachting.”

Chris Barnett - Chief Engineer

“Reading through OITA’s course was such an eye opener! The amount of times I have been asked what someone needs to know before joining a boat - It’s ALL in this course. If you are serious about working on yachts then OITAs silver package is the way to go. I would recommend to anyone interested in a life at sea!’’

Rachel Holland - Yachting Recruitment

“Working in the industry for over 12 years I am often suggesting Interior courses for crew. OITAs course is one of those that will be a success and help you if you are serious about working on yachts .Take the tips, do the study at home, be prepared to work hard and good luck!”​

Sharon - Bluewater

“Having worked in the industry for the past 20 years and helped countless yachties get their start, finally there is a place to go which fills the gap of how to get started in yachting! From where to go, even how to dress, not to mention the invaluable contacts, this is where every future yachtie should start their journey.”​

Michelle Guy - Former Director of Crew Training at Bluewater

“The Ocean International Training Academy has a fantastic course for anyone looking to get into the Superyacht industry. With a breadth of knowledge ranging from what to expect from different regions, tried and tested tips to help you get your foot in the door, right through to silver service and everything else you need in between to be an amazing Stew.


As a yacht operator myself, I would be very excited to see any new stews coming through that have completed the Ocean Training Academy. Knowing the knowledge they would already have from the get go is a big draw card for me. I believe this will give stews a big head start into the industry, and give you the knowledge to make your way up the ladder much quicker.”

Ashleigh Crocker - Director of Yachting Charter Company

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